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Welcome to Joint Management Body.

The Building & Common Property (Maintenance & Management) Act 2007 (Act 663) was enacted by the Malaysian government recently for the proper maintenance and management of buildings and the common property, after delivery of vacant possession of the premises to the purchasers but before the Management Corporation is formed. This new law came into force on April 12, 2007. It applies to Peninsular Malaysia and the Federal Territory of Labuan.

The JMB must be formed after 12 months delivery of vacant possession.

One of the most impotant duties of JMB is Insurance.

The powers and duties of the JMB are enumerated by Section 8 of the Act which stated

8. (1)(c) to insure and keep insured the building to the replacement value of  the building against fire and such other risks as may be determined by the Body;

8. (1)(d) to apply insurance moneys received by the Body in respect of damage to the building for the rebuilding and reinstatement of that building;

8. (3) The Body shall be deemed—

(a) for the purposes of effecting any insurance under paragraph (1)(c), to have an insurable interest in the building equal to its replacement value or any value as determined by the Body; and

(b) for the purposes of effecting any insurance under paragraph (1)(d), to have an insurable interest in the subject matter of the insurance.


The Joint Management Body must insured the following insurance:

1. Fire & All perils Insurance (Min perils Subsidence & Landslip, RSMD & BOW)

Building – For all the units that is individually own including all the common property.

In this case when the purchaser have a Loan with the Bank, the purchaser need not buy an additional insurance and can use the individual “Certificate of Insurance” issued from the Master policy.

It should include the following clauses:-

Reinstatement Value (valuation report by an accredited quantity surveyor at least once in 5 years)
Removal of Debris
Architect & surveyor Fee
Rent Clause

2. Public Liability Insurance

Legal liability to pay compensation for accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to the property to the Vistors for using the common property of the Building.

Under Section 4 Establishment of a Joint Management Body

(2) The Body established by subsection (1) shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal.

(3) The Body may sue and be sued in its name.

(4) The Body shall comprise the developer and the purchasers.


As the JMB is a body corporate the volunteered committee members can now be sued by the purchasers for Breach of Duty. An E&O or a PL policy to protected the personal liability of the individual committee.

3. Error & Ommission or Professional Liability Insurance

The Insurer will pay on behalf of any Insured all Damages resulting from any Claim for any Breach of Duty of the Insured.

N/B The policy should be placed immediately after the formation of the JMB. 

Strata Title Risks Solution:

Products Offered:

  1. Fire Insurance
  2. Fire Consequential Loss
  3. All Risk Insurance
  4. Crime Insurance ( Burglary & Money)
  5. Plate Glass Insurance
  6. Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  7. Public Liability Insurance
  8. Property Terrorism
  9. Professional Indemnity for Joint Management Body ( JMB) or Management Corporation (MC)

For more information visit us at http://sites.google.com/site/chrisacompany/ under Strata Title Insurance


134 Responses to “Hello JMB Malaysia!”

  1. Hai Admin,

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  2. 2 Sean Oon


    I’m faced with a JVM whose chairman has ulterior motives leading to conflicts of interest with the well being of the condo.

    Anyone available to help consult on how I can go about checking whether the JVM has followed all the required procedures and steps I can take to protect the interest of my property in such a situation.


    • Can you please hightlight future your problems, inorder for people to help you. Thank you

    • Dear Sean Oon,

      First thing, I would like to advise you to read through the ACT 663. This is to understand your right as JMB.

      Your interest is protected. JMC is the board of directors of JMB. They are reporting to Commissioner of Building .. (local authority). You can send your inquiry to COB by writing or email to them.

      Thank you.
      Rozad Razali KL

    • 5 karpalseng

      Get more people to attend JMC meeting and demand monthly report and accounts to be discussed.
      Take legal action on misuse of funds and sue the JMC.
      Vote JMC out and from a new JMC with representation from every block.
      No need to engage property management company. Waste of money.
      Employ a clerk to supervise and oversea all aspects of the property and report to the committee.

      • 6 rayray

        What to do? The JMB people in there want to get a management company, and they all team up very well, refusing to give periodical reports to the owners, and up the charges as they like, saying hard to collect therefore, charge more all the time, and then they have 400000 ringgit in saving account! Greedy goats!!!!!

      • 7 karpalseng

        Do something about kicking out the JMC. Go through my previous comments on where you can complain.

    • 8 teo

      hi sean,
      get a few guys and attend the committee meeting as observers. you have the right to query the monthly report and accounts and the JMC will shit bricks. fcuk the JMC if they can’t explain high expenditures and vote them out before they eat up all the funds in lavish spending and then ask for maintenance fee and sinking fund to be increased. make police reportr and sue them for foulplay.

      • 9 rayray

        Under what section of the Act will you sue them? The Act gives them 98% power over all buyers, and only 5 friends can team up and kick out other owners who want to join committee. Less men, more share of power and funds for these greedy goats!!!

      • 10 Hor

        management company need to get at least 3 quotation for every job. The problem is this all quotations is 2 to 3 times the market price. Just like our government said we are not eating the money, we just pay higher price. All our money is gone just like that.

  3. 11 Sherry

    Our JMC seems to have biased motives when implementing house rules. Would like to find out how to make a petition against their rules? Is there a government body that the JMC/JMB reports to?

    • Dear Sherry,

      House Rules – Before any HR to be implemented, the draft of this HR have to be publish at the building Notice Board in order for JMB / Owner of the unit condominium / apartment to view and they should have an acceptable time frame for any feedback or to comments or to provide feedback.

      The other way how this can be done (introducing and getting approval from JMB) is normally during AGM or EGM. During this meeting, interest party have the opportunity to give their comment and to suggest or to disagree on the draft before any voting on implementation take place.

      Petition against the HR – This is only can be done by calling an EGM. One third of the owner needed on calling this EGM (please refer Akta 663 on AGM and EGM procedures).

      In my place, any new HR will be treated as ‘New Guidelines’ and only will be endorsed during the next AGM. This guidelines is treated as trial exercise and it’s open for any feedback and comment.

      Government Body – I think you can get a clear picture by reading through the Akta 663 itself. There are many cases that the owner pay no attention on this ACT 663 until they face some problem especially with the Board of Directors of JMB … Joint Management Committe @ JMC.

      Rozad Razali KL

      • 1/3 of owners require for an agm, how about tenant attending on behalf of owner

      • 14 teo

        Owners should be sent a copy of monthly report accounts etc vide email by the JMC for good governance and transparency. It is owners entitlement to be informed. Jmc likes to keep owners in the dark so that they can make money by spending lavishly on projects that are redundant.

    • 15 Ken

      I am also facing the same problems. They seemed to cover for their staff. Need to write to the Housing Ministry or the DG?

      • You need to complain to the Boc, but they will seldom act against JMB or JMC. Life is such because they want JMB or JMC to help them collect funds to save government’s money.

  4. 17 gamit


    If members of JMC give its consent (during a meeting) to renovation (exterior) of one of the units, can I as purchaser sue each and every individual JMC member for breaching its duty, as the exterior of the units are not to be renovated? What possible damages can I seek? Thank you for your assistance.

    • First need to get that committee member out of the committee BUT THEY ARE ALL GREEDY FRIENDS, AND THEY ONLY TAKE CARE OF THEIR OWN APARTMENTS WELL.



  5. 19 Khein

    Dear Admin,

    I would like to enquire a few things on JMB as our COB is also very in the dark. Seems like he does not know head and tail of the law. He will accept whichever decision if everyone in the committee agrees. Furthermore our Chairman does not even seem to have experiance in chairing a meeting.

    Enquiries –
    Board of Committee Election
    – 1 person owns 5 units. Entitled to how many votes? If the whole apartment has only 8 units, how much should the quorum be?
    – Can a person who runs a hotel in the same apartment sit in the committee?
    – “Those who have interest cannot sit in the Committee” What does this means? Everyone person who buys a unit definately have interest. Wither to stay or rent for profit.

    I could not find any in ACT663 or the Strata Title ACT and even in the Amendments. All information inside is very vague.

    Till date after more than 15 years we have yet to receive our Strata Title yet as Developer has seem not to be interested anymore in the building. So we are currently helping ourselves. Yet the Committee Board does not look suitable for that fight.

    Personally i own quite a number of apartments there and i cannot be in the Committee Board. All my apartments are for private rental.

    Do hope to hear from you.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.



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  7. 24 Daniel Wong

    I am a rent tenant (not owner) in Mentari Court, Sunway. There was an incident where the post barrier malfunctioning dropped and caused scratches and dent onto my car when i was turning out of the carpark. Now JMB told me that they are not liable to compensate me on my car losses just simply because i am a tenant and not an owner. They mentioned this was stipulated within Act 663.

    Now my question is, me as a tenant do not have my property rights and not covered under Act 663? What is the justice for this? Is this how JMB limiting their liabilities and do not want to take share of responsibilities of making sure the equipment to be fit to used? Shouldn’t JMB exercise reasonable due care in installing these equipments as well as hiring contractors for installing these equipments? Well ask yourself again, if this is how JMB works, then don’t expect shopping mall or any commercial buildings to compensate you for the same incident.

    If there is JMB member around here, can you please guide me on this Act 663 section 8.2. Is there another means for recovering my losses on my car?

    • JMB patut beri jawapan di blod ini

    • 26 karpalseng

      Sue the JMC!

    • Get the JMB to pay or sue the members in there.
      First, they must have bought the PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE. They need to pay you. Sue them if they do not. We are all too scared to sue them so they get very fierce and bad.

    • If that is the case, get the owne to write to the JMB. If owner refuses, stop paying the rent. Guess this will make the owner handle the matter for you

  8. 29 reg

    n Act663 regarding the Joint Management Body, it states that unit owners can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf. Is there any where in Act663 that says a proxy can also hold office as one of 12 representatives? My argument is that proxies cannot hold office as JMB representatives are liable to be sued. Am I correct?

    • Proxies can only vote. They cannot be members of the JMB or the JMC. It is not the matter of beig sued. It is because their names are not registered as owners, therefore they cannot hold office.

      Please confirm this with the BOC.

    • 31 Hor

      The proxy must have a name on the property. Eg, mr. A and mr. B owe a house, mr. A can appoint mr. B as proxy to vote

      • 32 karpal

        Re your comment on calling for 3 quotations for every job.
        These can be fixed in the following ways.
        1. Contractors can have an understanding among themselves. They only quote for formality to help meet the quota.
        2. The JMC can simply invite for tenders and then ask their friend to resubmit a more competitive quotation after opening the tenders.
        3.The same contractor known to the JMC can 3 quotations under different names.
        4. The JMC is not bound to award the job to the lowest tender.
        The JMC and the property management company work hand in hand to cheat the owners and the only way to overcome corruption in service apartments/condominiums is to change the JMC every year and not allow the same people to run the show year in and year out. There are some chairmen and secretaries who make a living by staying in JMC committee for as long as possible. .

  9. 33 Commitee

    Hi I’m one of the commitee in MC. Practically this Act633 is useful to implement lots of those probelm face by All condo/Apartment. We have been implemented Hse rules strictly and we saw many benefits coming and help to Improve our aged building more than 10yrs. Previously Our Apartment full of hanging cloths, Mop, flower pot, Air con compressor and etc on the exterior of building. It looks like a Cheap Apartment/Flat. But since the implementation of Hse Rules and Act 633 Almost achieve 95% collection every mth. This help us to repaint our building and Upgraded our CCTV.Water Filter,Etc. Within A short period of time collection and currently it look like condo now. As result Many new Buyers try to get an unit here is so difficult…. waiting list as most Owner reluctant to sell but instead Rent out. We operate min people but still can take care our building and all residents are happier nowdays.

    • 34 karpalseng

      Hi commitee,

      Implementing house rules to benefit the owners is okay but not JMC that tends to splurge on unnecessary expenditures for the sake of kickbacks in the form of commissions. There is big money in managing apartments.

    • What was the original charge, and what is it now?

      If it is still the same, then the residents are happy but greedy JMB increase charges cos they are greedy for more money to spend and to SAVE up.

  10. 36 Vincent Tan

    i run a private class in the condo since 1998. Of late, the JMC or Management (Developer) issued me a letter pertaining to this matter and ask me stop operation IMMEDIATELY.

    May i know, does the JMC have the right or assigned by the local authority body to order? If yes, may i know in which Act? Which Clause? Can the HR (House Rules) be imposed on me?

    As far as I know, i am running a small class mainly for community service which cater for the kids surrounding. I am not operating a business tuition centre as they claimed. I have been abide to laws such as keeping outsiders’ vehicle from entering into the condo compound. Furthermore, I have got the consents and supports from the residents of the same floor to let me having classes here.

    If operating business in the residents are not allowed is strictly followed, then why they (JMC) don’t ask them to stop as they are lots of home-based centre around this condos such as saloons and SOHO. Isn’t it bias against me?

    So far for more than 10 years, I have not been summoned by the authority department for committing any detriments or offences as the JMC had referred. I have also been a goodpayer that each maintenance fee is paid on time/promptly.

    To maintain good rapport, I was once the Secretary of the RA (2006-2008). I have helped to develop the better-living condition in this condo too.

    I am just earning an honest living in this condo, raising up two kids. Teaching is my only bread and butter. Should I be treated like this? Isn’t it unfair to me?


    • Check on their management failures and report them to the BOC personally, otherwise the BOC will also not bother their unreasonableness. Life in a strata property is bad because the Strata Act does not care about owners’ sufferings.

  11. 38 Vasi

    Hi , If the Joint Management Committee comprises of The Developer’s representative, the Chairman , Secretary , Treasurer and 4 committee members . what is the minimum
    attendance for a quorum for the Joint Management Committee Meeting assuming the Chairman and Secretary is present.

    Thank you.

  12. 39 fongpen


    I have some issues for JMB in my place.
    The following are the cases, thanks : –

    For 1st case, as we just finish our AGM last week . During the AGM, chairman mentioned that resident cannot re-elect or change JMB Committees + chairman + secretary + treasurer for 3 yrs. Is it correct??


    Joint Management Committee (Item : 11. (2))

    (2) The Committee shall consist of the developer and not less then five and not more than twelve purchasers, who shall be elected at the annual general meeting of the Body and shall hold office for a period not exceeding three years or until the dissolution of the Body in accordance with section 15, whichever is earlier.

    For my understanding in the statement, it show that Committee cannot hold office more than 3 years time & can be re-elect in every annual meeting. Am i right to say that??
    If this is true, meaning our chairman is giving the False Statement during the AGM(which is recorded). What can we do & can we sue them & request for new AGM??

    For case 2, JMB does not provide any project/activity plan or notification before they carry out. No purchasers/owners is aware of the activity estimated budget, quotation, total cost, period & etc info. Is that against the Malaysia Common & property law for JMB not publish any notices before carry out any projects? They did not provide any breakdown or details for each single project.


    Right of purchaser (Item : 13. (f))

    the nature of the repairs and estimated expenditure, if any, where the Body has incurred any expenditure or is about to perform any repairs, work or act in respect of which a liability is likely to be incurred by the purchaser of the parcel under any provision of this Act;

    This statement show purchase have right to know all expenditure. Our JMB recently build a Guard House(Which is not necessary) for around RM50k++ without any prior notice or estimated cost. They only put the DBKL notice after they have start the activity (Already Move the barrier system over).

    For case 3, I be selected for committee members this yrs. JMB request me to submit my house S&P+Photostat IC. Can i give them my photocopy S&P?? who have right to request & keep for my S&P??
    Beside that, if anyone sue the JMB for last yrs issues. Am i(New committee) also get involve in this??

    For case 4, Can purchasers or me(as new committee) have right to check on the quotations and accounts??

    Fong Pen

  13. 40 Chang Ker Jen

    Dear sir,
    I stay at Vista Gambier and just to check with you what are the steps for forming JMB at our place. Kindly advise me by return email.


  14. 41 LCC

    fongpen on November 4, 2010 said: resident cannot re-elect or change JMB Committees + chairman + secretary + treasurer for 3 yrs. Is it correct??

    Actually CAN,…..but residents need to submit in their MOTION to request that they need a re-election during the AGM.

    • 42 Pen

      In the AGM, they only open 3 new committee members post, I asked chairman y not re-elect all JMC(incl Chairman, secretary, treasurer & other members).
      Chairman answer “According to COB law, they will hold JMC for 3 yrs”. <– lie
      After that i go online & check on the COB law, it stated

      "(2) The Committee shall consist of the developer and not less then five and not more than twelve purchasers, who shall be elected at the annual general meeting of the Body and shall hold office for a period not exceeding three years or until the dissolution of the Body in accordance with section 15, whichever is earlier."

      Wat can we do now?? Can you please give some advise/help bec many unknown expenses + project been carried out by them.

  15. 43 Calvin Ong

    Dear JMBs,

    My name is Calvin. I am working with a local reputable software company providing ERP solutions to established property developer, shopping mall, business and residence property to automate their operations. With current ongoing issues with high rise property management especially accounting areas where account execs left without proper transactions records to trace back. We had helped many JMBs in this area by using our services and software. Below are some information on what we do:

    ACCOUNTING SERVICES for Property Management Operation:
    Throughout our experience dealing with property developer, property
    manager, committee member of Joint Management Body (JMB) and
    Management Corporation (MC), we had been urged to assist them to
    provide an accounting services. Advantages;

    Independent Party
    – check & balance on accounting records and payments
    – no relation with physical property maintenance provided by
    separate service provider

    Proven Software & Industry Experience
    – more than 100 installations & 5 years track records
    – managed & monitored by qualified Accountants

    Going Concern (Continuity)
    – more than 20 listed & 100 non listed companies subscribe to
    annual service maintenance fees (recurring income)
    – continuous research & development of software system

    – relieve the need for an Accounts Executive/Clerk
    – service charge cost less then an Accounts Executive salary

    Scope of works
    * Supply Wiz Financial Accounting System & Wiz Property Management System (exclude hardware)
    * Update “Billing & Other Accounts Receivable” transactions into GL
    * Journal, Cash Book payment and receipt entry
    * Payroll for JMB personnel
    * Payment processing, especially EPF & Income Tax with delay penalty
    * Financial month and year end closing
    * Maintenance Fund statement of income & expenses (accrual & cash accounting)
    * Sinking Fund statement of income & expenses (accrual & ash accounting)
    * Debtor Aging and outstanding analysis
    * Bank reconciliation
    * Liaise with Tax Agent on taxable income
    * Attend to audit queries
    * Cash flow management

    Some of our existing clients:
    SDB Properties Berhad (4 Projects)
    Mulpha Berhad (Johor Project)
    Ampang Prima Condominium (JMB)
    Casa Tiara Condominium (JMB)
    Ridzuan Condominium (JMB)
    Abadi Villa Condominium (JMB)
    Puri Aiyu Condominium (JMB)
    Mewah Court Apartment (MC)
    Kuchai Brem Park Apartment (MC)
    Abadi Indah Apartment (MC)
    Persatuan Perbadanan Pangsapuri Permai (JMB)
    Badan Pengurusan Bersama Pangsapuri Seri Bintang (JMB)
    Sinaran Ukay (JMB)

    Feel free to contact me at calvinong@mhw.com.my if you need more information. We are happy to meet for a no obligation free consultation on how we can assist you.

    My Best Regards,
    Calvin Ong

    • 44 Karpalseng

      Your accounting services are useless! The main issues in the management of high rise property are extravagant spending of owners’ money in works uncalled for, work quality is not checked, no effort in cost cutting, using the security guards to squeeze the owners, implementing in draconian in house rules, overstaying and not knowing to There are good kickbacks in spending maintenance fee and sinking fund.

      • 45 priyarai

        I agree with Karpalseng. JMC are corrupted and simply spend money on works to take commission. Big money is involved when it comes to splurge on the sinking fund reserve and the kickback can be a big amount. Last year they spent nearly 100k for cctv that was a failure. Now the pariah chairman is rubbing his hands and wanting to push thro re surfacing the perimeter road of the apartment. The expenditure will be overcalled to line pocket.
        I find this happening in Sunway Court Apartment where I stay. The JMC and property management company have been on the chair far too long.

      • You need to inform the BOC, Kapalseng, otherwise they are all ‘dreaming’ of the good works of the JMB and JMC who are mostly sharks taking care of their own interests and squeezing other owners. Horrid creatures, always wanting to sit in there and pretending to say that they are not getting paid. For all maintenance payments, surely they paid out too much. Anyway, they will not care because not from them alone.

  16. 47 Thirunyanamurugan Jayaraman

    Dear Chairman,

    My name is Thirunyanamurugan Jayaraman and I’m from a property company called PPC International which is located in KL and would like to send you our company profile and also would like to do a property management at your condo if you wish. You can contact me at 019-3815280 and kindly please arrange your day and time so that I can come to meet you by giving you the proposal.


    Thirunyanamurugan Jayaraman

  17. 48 daisy

    hi admin,
    i’m a student doing research on this new act. i have matter that confusing me. if u dont mind, i would really like to know, are the members of JMB same with JMC’s?
    thank you so much

    • 49 Josephine Tan

      JMB stands for Joint Management Body and all owners are automatically members of JMB. JMC stands for Joint Management Committe and only those elected as committee members from among the JMB members are called JMC. Is this explanation clear enough?

    • Same product given different names. Difference is one is Board, other is Corporation, one has no issued titles yet, the other has got issued titles to the properties. OK?

  18. 51 daisy

    hi..again, it said that if the development is completed before April 12,2007 and the vacant possession has been delivered to the purchasers but MC is not in existence, then the JMB must be formed not later than April 11, 2008 right?

    what if in the situation the MC is already existed? do they need to dissolve the exist MC and reform JMB?

    thank you

  19. 52 Sindatramary

    Dear JMB,

    I am seeking your attention over the issue of a claim I made on 28/08/2010. The developer is Sime Darby Properties. I sent my claims for the pipe that burst in my apartment which caused destruction of my bedroom furnitures and clothings. It is very difficult to communicate with the staff of this management as they put me on a merry-go-round. Their response to my claim shows they did not appeal with the insurance company to get a claim that is reasoble enough.

    Today I was shocked to notice that the staff Naima had already signed the discharge voucher OFFERING an amount of RM3,700 LESS RM1000. Therefore the quantum is reduced to RM2,700. Cik Naima never called about the offer from UNi Asia. They use the company Sime Darby Lockton Insurance Sdn. Bhd. as mediator to Uni Asia.

    How is it that I was never consulted about their agreement to claim such a fraction of an amount that I should agree. This is clear violation/ exploitation and suffocation upon me. I am the victim suffering for this long without any funding to rectify the damages incurred in my flat due to the bursting of the pipe.

    1. I had to stay awake during the incident to clear the flooding in my room. As the water was filling all over my bedroom.
    2. I lost all my clothes and furnitures.
    3. I fell ill and was hospitalised due to uncontrollable stress as I had no finance to purchase my furnitures. I had to sleep on a smelly mattress and pillows as they were all soaked with water until I became asthamatic.
    4. Now I am using borrowed money to fund for furnitures which I had purchased. The bills I will attach in an envelope if necessary.
    5. I suffered Athsamatic attack due to the chaotic atmosphere in my flat.
    6. Red eyes as blood vessels damaged due of pressure and my stress level cant be stabilised.
    7. Anger and disappointment with Sime Darby on my claims.

    Today, after meeting Cik Naima, I went to Uni Asia to see the Manager. Puan Puziah Tel. 26981133 ext. 1769. She informed me that Cik Naimah instructed her to prepare a Cheque for RM2,700. I asked Puan Puziah that I need to make an appeal as I was not consulted with the decision of the claim amount.

    It is a case now of Error & Ommission or Professional Liability Insurance
    The Insurer will pay on behalf of any Insured all Damages resulting from any Claim for any Breach of Duty of the Insured. Meaning Sime Darby Property Berhad did not not carry out thier duty. Meaning they did not inform the victim of the claims they raised and seek my opinion.

    Cik Naima told me strictly that I cannot do anything more about the claims. I have appealed to Puan Puziah not to proceed. Please advise me

  20. 54 Sindatramary

    The correct name of the organisation is Sime Darby Property Berhad at USJ10
    of THE e-mail I sent on March 24, 2011.

    Hope to have a reply over my situation.


  21. 55 Antonio

    Dear JMB,
    I would like to know who is allowed to sit in the Management Council, Will Owners which units are still mortgaged to the bank be entitled to sit in the council? Can the wife be in the council if the Unit is owned by the Husband or vice versa? Can the Father be in the council if the unit is owned by the children or vice versa ?

    • 56 Matt

      The Act 663 provides a detailed explanation on who is allowed to be in the council.

  22. 57 Matt


    I would like to know if JMBs/building management are required to have any sort of licensing?

  23. 58 Alan Chan


    Can JMB impose limitations of occupants in a unit? Is this lrgal?


  24. 59 Vee

    Why JMB seperate maintenance at Lagoon Perdana?

  25. 60 Steven Wong

    Hi, we are facing problems here with the condo management and the JMB seems to be not doing anything to help the residents. The management does not seem to be doing anything to resolve various issues highlighted by the residents from having a new paint job for the condo, to the repairs of the pool to the lift maintenance, etc. They have even proceeded to make repairs to the boom gate without notifying the residents on the cost of repairs. What can we do to demand for an explanation from the JMB and Management?

    • 61 priyarai

      First audit the accounts and work done. If there are discrepancies in over run and high costs that cant be justified make police report and take legal action.
      Eg. spending money unnecessarily, resurfacing tar road around the condo, changing security companies. Poor work quality. No open tender done.

  26. 62 sharifah farheen

    can a non owner and living elsewhere be appointed as a management coodinator by the JMC? and if it is legally alright who decide how much should be his or her renumerations?

  27. 63 sam

    can a parcel owner of 2 different condo units(different projects) be allowed to sit as jmb chairman for the 2 projects ?

  28. 65 sam

    refer to question no. 34

  29. 66 jamilah mohd saad

    I need some assistance, I am the owner of appartment anggerik, tmn bunga raya, bkt beruntung.. Who can I contact regarding request of discount on Maintenance fee of my apartment. Spoken to the person incharged at JMB Anggerik Apartment, and they can assure of discount of 10% only. I owned the property since aug 2005 till now. I stayed there only for 8 mths.Need to settle the fees coz i am selling the house. Please gv me the name and contact no of the person other then the one incharged at JMB Anggerik.

    • 67 manis

      It’s difficult for JMB to give discount. What if more residents asking for discount? The JMB kitty bank will suffer tremendously. However, should JMB decide to give discount, they must valid reasons to give it to you. ie. the must get consent from penduduk.

      • JMB should give discount cos your condo had been vacant, and those years had passed, and they also did not have to throw your rubbish or sweep your corridors. The Act should make this discounting compulsory since you did not occupy. Ask for discount. They can do away with water charges, interests etc.

  30. 69 Kamarulzaman bin md yunos

    Jmb melor,, Ada 180 unit ,Ada 3 block Saja taman bukit subang

  31. 70 Anna Teh

    I lost my automated gate card and request for a replacement from the management. Not only I have to pay RM50 for the replacement but have to make a police report. Is the police report necessary? You don’t have to make police report if you lost your credit card.

  32. 72 peter

    Dear All Apartment Owners,

    It is very important that you all attend the JMC monthly meetings and AGM to ensure checks and balances on the JMC managing your funds. Otherwise these buggers will spend your money lavishly and makan commission on monthly expenditures and capital items that are overpriced.
    The JMC in Sunway Court Apartment have overstayed and does not know how to step down and the fcuking chairman has made a lot of money all these years.

  33. 73 patrick

    Sunway Court Apatrment PJS 7/13 JMC is about MAKOM or makan commission. The committee chairman acts as if the Sunway Court Apartment belongs to his grandfather. He decides on all projects without an open tender system and spends owners money like water. The other committee members including the useless Landserve Property Management are just followers. So far the apartment residents have not benefitted at all except new in house rules to put pressures on residents and squeeze them as much as possible.The chairman an Indian fellow by the name of tony ravindran has been sitting on the chair since Sunway Court Management Corporation or SCMC was formed from the poor representation of the owners. Owners must know SCMC is not a company but rather like any other Residents Association formed by elected owners.
    The chairman can make commission money from the following:

    1. Contract given out for cleaning and landscaping without calling for tender.
    2. Contract given to Landserve to manage the apartment without calling for tender.
    3. Contract given to security company.
    4. Expensive capex in the Installation of CCTV, Autogate, Landscaping, Changing the underliners of water storage tanks all of which failed – just to name a few.
    5. Increase insurance premium that is uncalled for.
    6. Installing computer and internet that is unncessary.
    7. Increasing an office staff that is surplus to requirement.
    8. Upgrading the children’s playground to cater for his relatives children’s visit.
    It is estimated that a maintenance fee of RM100 per month will be sufficient to run Sunway Court Apartment. The services of Landserve are redundant. There is no effort whatsoever to cut costs. The fcuking corrupted chairman and his goons are just finding excuses to spend all the sinking fund amounting to RM1,000,000 on the perimeter road and roof tiles that are considered not necessary as repairs can be done on as and when basis. A good and responsible committee should stop collecting sinking fund.

    All residents ie owners and tenants must audit the accounts and for checks and balances investigate how the fund is well spent and the quality of work done. Lobby and get more people involved to have a bigger say and sue the chairman for mismanagement and misuse of funds.


  34. 74 Ling

    Hi JMB, i’ve been staying in Mentari Court for over 5 years and i have never been this furious with the management before. Its been 3 months the since the phone cable stolen case and up till today i have not seen any cable replacement being done by your end; and the best thing is, i have to pay to Unifi RM149 everymonth and i’m not getting the internet service at all. The staff from your office keep telling me that they’re waiting for the insurance claim to replace the cable, but come on, 3 months?? Where is the money that we paid for the sinking fund??? Please do something, don’t keep the money to your damn self.

    • 75 thomas

      Hi Ling, i faced the same problem as well, did you managed to solve your problem?

  35. 76 Jasson Ong

    good afternoon everyone,may I know the ceiling belongs to the owner or as a common area to be repair by JMB..As I find hard to request the magnt. to repair.Can any one help.Thank’you.

    • Hi Jasson,

      As usual the JMC will give all sorts of excuses and create by laws to safeguard themselves. They are responsible for everything that is outside your unit.
      Remember all apartment owners are the boss collectively. If the JMC is useless and corrupted vote them out before they spend lavishly and make money!
      I strongly suggest you attend the monthly meeting and demand that the accounts be discussed. Otherwise these bastards only know how to talk cock!

      Many JMC look forward to make money and managing the apartment is big business. They will be vry happy when the owners do not attend the monthly meetings. They can do what they want. FFFF them out before they FFFF you up.

  36. 78 abuseman

    Hi, just want to ask whether it is legal for the Mgmt Council to obstruct access and clamp or tow the unit owner’s car that is parked at the his car park because it does not have valid car sticker due to outstanding maintenance fee.

    • Hi Abuseman,

      The Mgm Council has no right to clamp your car in the car park owned by you. Also they have no right to refuse you entry because you own a unit. The only thing they can do is to take legal action on your outstanding maintenance fee.

      • 80 Abuseman

        Thank you for the response. That’s what I thought too after reading the judgement of the Denis de Silva case.

  37. 81 mi5562

    The Strata Title Act amendment 2012 that was just passed says that the Second and Third Schedule are now deleted. If that is so, where then are the rules that regulate the conduct of the Mmgt Council proceedings, general meetings etc. as in the now-deleted 2nd Schedule?

    • 82 karpalseng

      Hi mi5562
      No problem. Once a JMC is formed members can make in house rules for checks and balances on the JMC. Hence all owners must help draft the in house rules and not just leave them to the JMC and Property Management Co.

      • 83 mi5562

        Problem is for existing Mgmt Council where the House Rules have already been in existence. Yes, the owners now have to amend the House Rules, but for the mean time, the existing MC can call meetings as they like without any rules as to notice period, quorum etc.

  38. 84 Ling

    Hi Karpal or any JMB members,

    i would like to re-highlight my issue that i had posted on the September 28, 2012. It seems that Karpal skipped my comment because he has no idea how to answer??

    Let me tell you the story again.
    It’s been 4 months since the cable stolen case happened in the Mentari Court. Up till today i don’t see any action taken from the management side. I’m aware that this isn’t exactly the TELEKOM issue because TELEKOM does not responsible for the cables within the Mentari Court building.

    I would like to personally ask Karpal, what have you done from your end??
    I was told that the management is waiting for the insurance claim, but come on, 4 months??

    Where are all the money that we paid for the sinking fund and monthly maintenance fees??

    Karpal, if you’re incapable of solving this issue, would you at least highlight this issue to your boss or any upper management?

    • 85 karpalseng

      Hi Ling

      As usual the JMC is trying to push the bug. These buggers can repair and pay from the sinking fund first and then submit the insurance claim.
      As one of the owners you dont just sit back and wait. You should lobby and get all owners to boycott maintenance and sinking fund payments until the main telephone cable is replaced.
      Call for an EGM and kick out the useless JMC and Property Management Co. Do it !!!!!!!!!!

      • Hi Ling
        I am not from the JMC or any property management company. I was once an apartment owner and I have sold off my unit. I just give voluntary advice.


  39. Hi mm5562,

    You can get owners to call for an EGM enbloc and re elect a new MC. You need only 2 signatures to call for an EGM. To effect a change in the MC you must lobby for owners to form the majority to support you.
    It is also the MC responsibility to inform all owners on the date of the monthly meeting.


  40. I am living at Apt. Sri Meranti, Bandar Sri Damansara. This is a low cost apartment. There are many undocumented immigrants living here. I also hear some comments from residents that JMB never take any actions on houses which owners never pay the maintenance fees ever since the apartment was rented on the day one. The surroundings are dirty. No educated owners are interested to attend the AGM therefore the exisiting chairman runs the office forever. He somehow is very complacent authorizes himself to be actively invovle in the JMB, Resident Association and surau. He is being looked upon like ‘the Yang DiPertuan Agong; of Sri Meranti. He has no diplomacy when dealing with children. The surau can only be occupied by his members. During the AGM, he produced the statement of accounts without the stamping of the Auditors and no one know the Auditors name for Sri Meranti. I think Sri Meranti needs new blood to be its chairman. Ca n we ask for help from the Housing authority in Putra Jaya? Does not show any interest in neighbourhood goodwill but always on surau and very ARROGANT

    Meranti dan Menanti

    • 89 karpalseng

      You can read through the previous comments on the same subject about JMC and get an idea on what you can do.

  41. Can anyone tell me how can we deal with this type of matter. Almost all residents over here are not well educated and understands the Rules/Laws and Act 663. Therefore the chairman thinks highly of himself and no one, I repeat no one can utter any words about Akta 663. I think JMB should be run by a NEUTRAL BODY which ruled by Kementerial Perumahan. He is trying to build his kngdom at Sri Meranti. What I am afraid is that the filth and influx of illegal immigrants may invite crime.

    • 91 karpalseng


      Please read all the previous comments on JMC. You can kick out the Chairman and from another new committee. Alternatively you and others don’t pay maintenance fee and sinking fund until the Chairman steps down. There is nothing the JMC can do except to take legal action on you and that will be expensive and time consuming for the JMC to recover the monies owed by you. Just one stupid standard letter from a lawyer will cost them RM500. You can sue the Chairman if he found to mismanage owners funds.The Chairman works for the owners!


      • 92 limmi

        If you stop paying maintenance fee, the Chaiman/JMC may start to take actions like reducing your water, barring entry to yr car, clamping yr car etc. Even if those are not within their legal rights and you sent reminders to them, report to police etc, the police or other Authorities will not do anything and you will have to get a lawyer to bring it to Court which will mean money upfront.

      • 93 karpalseng


        The best way out for you is to lobby as many owners on your side as possible and demand for an EGM (in writing), pass a vote of no confidence on the chairman and elect a new committee who are responsible and manage in the interest of the apartment owners. After you have done that the new committe will look into changing to a new porperty management company etc.
        The chairman and the committee and management compnay have overstayed all because the owners do not attend the monthly meetings and take an interest in the place where they stay.


  42. 94 Tuan Azliman Tuan Mat

    Kepada JMB yg memerlukan khidmat nasihat berkenaan produk2 insurans yg diperlukan oleh JMB boleh hubungi saya 0122212467. Saya juga menyediakan perkhidmatan utk perlindungan yg diperlukan dgn harga yg berpatutan dan boleh dirunding. Sekian terima kasih..

  43. Good day, I need advice regarding me & my family’s problem with the JMB in our area.

    1) We have a 2 storey shop lot with persistent water leak upstairs whenever it rains. The top floor of the shop is a walking pavement (Common Area) We have requested JMB to assist us in solving the water leaks, in which they never bothered about it.

    2) Tired with the JMB’s attitude, we have proposed to them to allow us to hire our own contractor to look into the leaking problem, in which JMB gave us permission. The contractor has determined that due to the aging building, there are cracks on the top floor pavement structure that allows water to slip into our shop. The cracks are irrepairable, unless the whole building is reconstructed. The contractor suggested to us, and JMB to build a roof on the top floor to prevent rainwater from flooding the pavement.

    3) JMB proposed to let us to construct the roof structure, and all the costs can be claimed from JMB later. We received a letter of approval from JMB, and the project was also approved by the local council.

    4) However, just as the roof was near completion, JMB suddenly gave us an order to stop the project, and threatened to sue us for “constructing a structure on Common Area without JMB’s approval”. The even got the local council to order us to cease the construction. We were caught by surprised with all the sudden change in JMB and local council’s attitude.

    5) When we disputed the order with the letter of approval from JMB, they insisted the letter is not valid and accused us of obtaining it without firstly provide a clear explanation of our project. JMB also refused to refund us the cost of the construction as earlier promised.

    6) We are very angry with JMB’s attitude, not only we have lost about RM40,000 for the project, the JMB is also using the pavement (now sheltered with the roof) to store their machinery, items & tools.

    Can I know whether we can sue JMB for the loss we have suffered?

    If JMB knows that the pavement above our shop is Common Area, why didn’t they fix the problems in the first place? Instead, they proposed to let us fix the problem ourselves, only to order us to stop and threaten us with lawsuit later on?

    • 96 karpalseng

      Hi Andrew

      In the first place the common area is the responsibility of the JMC and they should be doing the repair and not you. You can take legal action against the JMC if they fail to do so.

      I suppose you can still take legal action against them. The other thing you can do is to take an active part in the JMC monthly meeting and find out whether JMC is managing the property for the benefit of the owners or not.

      You can also sue them especially the chairman if you can prove that they have mismanaged.


  44. 98 sha2510

    Recently my washing machine broke down and the technician to assess the problem only able to come by 2pm. When he arrived, he was stopped by the security saying that on saturday technician can only come before 1 pm. as such i contacted personally the security manager and give my personal assurance that this person is coming to assess the problem only.but i was strictly turn down by the security manager. i have to get the technician to park his car outside and bring him through my car. my washing was not been able to repair and i already purchased a new one. my question is, should there some leniency given on emergency especially when i gave my personal assurance that no drilling,etc will take place ? can i complain this inconvenient that caused by the security manager ?

    • 99 karpalseng

      May I know where is this place? You can complain to the JMC but then they are the people who made stupid rules in the name of security..

  45. 100 Daniel Tung

    The developer given 24 months maintenance free. After the VP, the developer didnt carry out proper maintenance. The questions are:-

    1. Should the developer shows the expenditure of the maintenance costs? says, 24 months x RM200 x 100 units = RM480,000?

    2. If there is excess money, say RM480,000 less RM150,000 = RMRM330,000, should RM330,000 be refunded to the JMB?

    Thank you.

    • 101 karpal


      • 102 Daniel Tung

        Free 24 months maintenance ! I am not JMB! Now is 8 months through. Not much maintenance. Still has 16 months of free maintenance

      • 103 karpal





  46. 104 Syikin

    saya merupakan penduduk di Pelangi Damansara Condominium. Sy nak tnya kpd siapakah yg sepatut nya sy refer jika pihak pengurusan tempat sy tinggal tidak membantu langsung dan tidak profesional dlm mengendalikan permasalahan penduduk.Berlaku isu perkauman, di mana kaum tertentu di layan dgn baik dan segala aduan mereka di dahulukan berbanding kaum yg lain.Sehingga komen ini ditulis, saya masih belum menerima maklumbalas mengenai aduan saya.

  47. Hi,

    Any Committee member looking for management please do contact me at 0163319840. we are registered valuers with The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia. We are licensed management company not just any company. We promise to serve you the best we have.

    Thank You.

  48. 106 manjit

    Hi all jmb members,

    Im from Gmm management. I do management for condo and apartments. I also provide consultations for jmb members that are running the management. I can help in many ways in term of providing cleaning and security services as well.

    For any further infomation do call me at 0163319840 manjit

  49. 107 Joe hung


    I would like to ask is there any government section I can complain to about my condominium management? They seem like ignore my complain about the water leaking of my unit and I realise they shut down one of two lift every night after 11pm to 5am with a notice said maintenance but the lift is back to normal after 5am so I don’t think it’s a maintenance and no one is maintain the lift between the 11pm to 5am.


  50. 108 chloe

    I rented a shop to run my cafe biz. Before i signed up the tenancy agreement with my owner, i strongly requested to use the carpark area(which only fronting the shop) at 7pm to 4am -after office hour. My owner suggested to get approval from the management. I had obtained a written approval from the management to use the carpark. After 1 1/2 yr later, JMB was formed (the old management was no longer there) and according to my owner, the JMB was teamed up by their own people and control the whole JMB, has issued us a notice mentioned that we are not allowed to use the carpark anymore and if we continue to do so, we will be fined rm100per day. Can JMB overwrite the written approval? What shall i do now? Besides, they charged us the water charges RM0.80 per reading n RM0.50 per sqft for sinking fund. Front n back corridor, they charged me rm100 per month per corridor. Does they have any right to simply imposed charges upon us and my owner? Moreover, they didnt provide a good security team to support us as i had a numbers of robbery in my shop. My owner was very unsatisfied with the management for simply increasing the price without any discussion or meeting.

  51. 109 sean

    Hi everyone, may i know that is there any website or sources that i can access for fresh people who intended to form a jmb. Does this jmb have to register or apply in any government department before it’s formed? i’m assign this task by my company to set up a jmb for our recently completed project. hope anyone can give me some clues. appreciate …

  52. 110 dylan

    may i know when we got contractor to renovate our house, why does there is a RM200 non refundable amount ? What does this amount cover ? I feel it is unfair to charged tenant RM200 for nothing. heck even our contractor was cleaning our own rubbish. So by what rights that a cond

    • 111 karpalseng

      The deposit is refundable unless the JMC has reasons to do so. There is no such thing as non refundable deposit and there is no such thing as having to pay the stupid JMC to renovate your house.

  53. 112 Tony Yap

    Mr Karpal, with due respect you should STOP giving advices with regards to the JMB management and the Act 663 n 757. I read your replies and found many were not correct. Example, you said any 2 owners signed to call for an EGM anytime is enough to kick out the useless JMC is totally misinformed. As far as I am aware, any owner wished to call for an EGM must have at least 25% quorum ( owners signed agreed) and present to COB for approval. With that the COB will set a date and direct the JMC to conduct the EGM. The COB or its representative shall attend the meeting on the day. Without the 25% quorum, the EGM cannot be called. The other way to call for an EGM is by the JMC with the approval of COB without prior 25% quorum OR the COB can anytime direct the JMC to call for an EGM anytime when COB finds discrepancy in the JMB. EGM is a revenue to solve or rectify problems of the JMB faced. If reason is not strong enough, COB has the right to disallow the EGM. This is to prevent any Tom Dick and Harry simply calling for EGM.
    I suggest those who have problems with their JMB/MC, should approach the House Buyer Association or HBA for the correct solution and answer to any Act in doubt.
    Mr Karpal, I know your intention is of good faith trying to help those in distress but you must answer with correct information especially anything with regards to the ACTS. Wrong information will lead to those who are ignorant about the ACTS to further get them into more troubles especially when the JMC is concerned know the ACTS. They will argue and may fight too. The best is to leave it to the professional like the HBA or Dr. Raffick ( you can find him in the goggles.). Any inconvenience caused is much regretted. Thank you.
    TH. Yap

  54. 113 Tony Yap

    Refusing to pay maintenance fees and Sinking Fund cannot force the Chairman out of the JMB. Instead it will give him a chance to fight back by taking the defaulters to court. The Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) signed by purchaser must be honoured and have become law hence non payment of maintenance fees and Sinking funds can even be fined up to Rm5000 plus a year term not more than 2 years if Act 757 is enforced. ACT 663 can seal the unit and auction.off all removable items in.the unit to recover the outstanding fees and further actions deem fit by COB when the unit is empty or removable items auctioned are insufficient to pay for the outstanding sum. For those out station owners who rented their units cannot escape for not receiving the notice of outstanding payments. ACT 757 says, the JMC can pass the Letter of Demand to the Tenant renting the units and deemed notified the owner(s). For your information, a legal letter only cost less than Rm50 per notice and not Rm500. Furthermore all legal expenses shall be borne by the Defaulters should they continue to ignore to regulate the outstanding sum. I am a Chairman of a JMB and has been collecting fees from Defaulters in this manner and it is pretty effective. In the end the JMB never bear a cent of all legal charges incurred. In short, DO NOT attempt to boycott payments of fees. At the end you still have to pay and plus 10% interest too !!
    Proxy status : Only co owners and Company owned unit(s) can appoint proxy to attend AGM and EGM. Just for those who are unaware, Company appointed proxy CAN stand for office bearers election provided a Company or Shareholders Resolution must be presented at the time of Registration during the AGM – Under Act 663. A single named unit owner cannot appoint proxy. The same person can be proxy of multiple Companies or co owners. The votes count shall also be based on the no. of proxies he or she is holding. But the multiple unit owners can only put one (1) member in to the Committee. It is not easy to sue the Chairman or its JMC when ACT 663 is still enforced but if is ACT 757, it is easily done as this ACT 757 clearly defined that the JMC can.be sued for any mismanagement of JMB/MC Fund ( must have enough evidence or he/she will counter sue ). Finally, the Owners MUST identify a suitable candidate to be their JMB Chairman and he or her deputies or Committee members. A good team will manage the JMB well. Remove them the next term if they are found to be incompetent. Owners MUST stay together and not A Team and B Team type. ” MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVILS ”
    Thank you.
    TH Yap.

    • 114 karpalseng

      Thank you for your comments that will provide more info to dissatisfied apartment owners who may want to change the JMC.

      I am of the opinion that a Team B is necessary to ensure that Team A manages the fund properly.

      Fortunately I manage to sell off my apartment and bought a landed property. I foresee many problems staying in an apartment.

    • 115 karpalseng

      TH Yap

      May I know you are JMC Chairman for which property?

    • 116 Lai

      Hi, our JMB always call for EGM from time to time, but they have never provided us (residents) the report/minutes of the meetings, even if it’s the AGM, we also never received any report/minutes. Thus, would like to consult you as a chairman of an JMB, is it not a must to JMB to give the residents a copy of minutes? Or else, does act663 stated as such?

      Please help,

  55. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us you really recognize what you are talking approximately!
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    a hyperlink change arrangement between us

  56. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on air condition. Regards

    • 120 rick

      Hi I was a management for 15 years just came back from uk. Most of the mail that sent was a good feed back.

  57. 121 rick

    Hi I was a management for 15 years just came back from uk. Most of the mail that sent was a good feed back.

  58. 122 Adrian

    Dear all do contact me Adrian @ 0166007545 if you are in need of a reliable Property Management company.Will be glad to come in for a presentation and explain futher on our company. AEA PRO FACILITIES SDN BHD

  59. 124 liu TS

    I stay in an condominium. The recent break-in stunt me. When happens i call up management for instruction and attention and no support given. Police report was made and Site investigation carry out. Security told the police CCTV not working for a long time and beside writing me a report police can’t do much.
    The management ask the guard to ask me for a copy of police report. I refuse to give until further action from management is carry out.
    I hold my right to submit a complaint to COB.

    Does giving the copy of police report to management give the way out for them to hold responsible on this?

  60. 125 Lai

    Hi, our JMB always call for EGM from time to time, but they have never provided us (residents) the report/minutes of the meetings, even if it’s the AGM, we also never received any report/minutes or even the annual financial account.

    Would like your anyone advise whether act663 did mentioned as JBM should at lease provide a report/minutes of each meeting to residents, or at least posted at the notice board.

    As I have encounter once where I’m unable to attend the EGM and suddenly JBM have imposed new collection. It’s was also not stated at the notice board. It’s when my access card was suddenly being barred only I have come to know about this collection. And the JBM never highlighted this when we made payment of the monthly maintainance fee.

    I have highlighted this to our JBM several time, but I have still never received any feedback. So, am seeking your help, is there any clause stated in the act663 for me to highlight same again to the JBM,

    Please help,

  61. 126 karpalseng

    All sunway court apartment owners please note that the chairman,secretary and treasurer can hold office only for 2 years. This is in accordance with the new ruling.

  62. 127 Jog

    I’m having a major issue with the MC of Abadi Indah and AEA Pro Facilities employ by the MC. I see major danger & fall in the value of the property I bought at Abadi Indah. Kindly email me those having such issues at Abadi Indah, my email fendersingh@yahoo.com

  63. 128 CRYSTAL

    Dear Parents & Individual,
    Good Morning !
    We are GZT-Team of Parents-group who founded this Group of GZT-Team, specializing in ;

    Crystal & Leslie, 0111 303 2782

  64. 切手シートの買取価格はチケットショップによって大きく違いが出ます。多い


    また、外国の切手特に中国切手に関しては店員でも買取相場を知らなかったりすることがほとんどため、買取を断られてしまうということも多々あります。 切手シートの売却なら切手の買取に力を入れている金券ショップにお願いするのが一番高く買い取ってもらえます。

  65. 130 Hadijah Omar Othman

    We are cleaning contractor, where we should raise complaint, we did not get the payment for long overdue

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